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Welcome to Sheeter.ai, the ultimate resource for Excel enthusiasts and professionals.

We’re a team of Excel power users and developers who are passionate about helping people be more productive with Excel, Google Sheets, and others. With Sheeter.ai, you’ll have access to advanced formula generation that’s not just limited to Excel or Google Sheets, and it helps you simplifies your workflow and saves you valuable time.

Our Journey

Sheeter.ai was founded in 2022 by two Excel automation experts, Sunny Bundel and Sunny Kumar, who joined together to create this revolutionary tool.

While working on a project together, they realized the challenges of constantly lookup up formulas or trying to remember them every time, which isn’t possible for anyone. So they saw an opportunity to create a solution that would revolutionize how people work with Excel, Google Sheets, and others!

Here are a few more details about our founders;

  • Sunny Bundel: A full-stack developer with both personal and professional interest in working with Excel, Google Sheets, and others. He also holds a degree in Computer Science from Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer.
  • Sunny Kumar: A well-known blogger and digital marketer from New Delhi, India, who uses Excel and Google Sheets to automate marketing stuff. Sunny has developed multiple templates in Google Sheets and Excel, and he holds a certification in Excel and Google Sheets automation from BetterSheets.

Our Mission with Sheeter.ai

After spending several hours creating Excel and Google Sheets templates, we realized how time-consuming it is to create a sheet. That’s why our mission is to provide a more straightforward, faster, and more efficient way to create Excel formulas.

And we’re from the marketing field, where productivity is the key. Therefore, we understand the importance of productivity, and our goal is to empower users with our tools that enhance their productivity without burning a hole in their pockets.

While creating this tool, OpenAI’s advanced GPT-4 algorithms have helped a lot in harnessing the power of AI to deliver an unparalleled experience to our users who constantly work with Excel, Google Sheets, SQL, and others!

Constant Innovation

We treat our users like family, not just as customers who pay for our services. This means we are always available to our customers, listen to their feedback, and work tirelessly to improve our website's core functionalities and user experience for them.

This is the same reason we’ve hired individuals with vast knowledge of Excel and automation to create something that’ll not revolutionize the industry - but the people using our tools and services.

Environmental Commitment

We are also committed to ethical practices, including environmental conservation. We actively seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability. As a user, you can contribute to these practices by utilizing our eco-friendly features and following our recommendations for responsible Excel usage.

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